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For face to face sessions payment is to be made at the end of each session by cash only. If you do not have exact money, then I will credit it towards your next lesson’s fees; I rarely carry change. Advance payment is fine as well. In the rare event of a missing payment at the lesson, payment must be made by BACs within 24 hours. Continued late payment will result in your child losing their place.

For online sessions payment is to be made by BACs within 24 hours of the scheduled session. If session fees are outstanding, no further sessions will take place until any arrears are settled in full.

In the rare event of a missing payment, payment must be made by BACs within 24 hours. Continued late payment will result in your child losing their place.


  • £35 for one to one tuition up of 1 hour and £22.50 for half hour session


  • £40 for one to one tuition up of 1 hour and £25 for half hour session


  • Parent Workshops of 2 hours are £20 per participant subject to a minimum of 3 

Depending on your requirements specific fees can be agreed for multiples sessions etc. Please do get in touch.

Travel Charges apply for in person sessions at the student's house charged at a rate of 50p per mile for houses outside of Frimley and Camberely. 


Please do all that you can to avoid cancelling a session.  If it is impossible for your child to attend, please give me as much notice as possible so I have time to offer your child’s slot to any other students who can’t make their usual slot that week, or to a ‘Standby student’.  Less than 24 hours notice may result in your session being charged.

Notice of absence must be given by e-mail, text or written note. 

Please Note: Regular absences may result the students regular slot being given to another student on my waiting list.


One week either side.


I endeavour to be on time to all my face to face lessons, but traffic conditions are beyond my control. If it is possible, I will message and advise you of any issues. Your child’s lesson will always be an hour long regardless of how late I may arrive.

For online sessions I will wait up to 15 minutes for a student to logon. If the student fails to do so the lesson fee will be payable in full.


Homework must be completed and brought to the start of the session. Students must follow examples.  Workings must be shown. Any workings done on a separate piece of paper must be brought to the session.  Even if the homework is ‘calculator’, workings must still be shown (i.e. all steps, including the writing out of the calculation keyed into the calculator), as students are required to do this in exams.  Please note that homework is an integral part of tuition.  Students who do not complete homework, or frequently leave homework until the last minute and do it scrappily, will lose their places.   Parents – please ensure that the homework is done, but please do NOT help.


It is assumed that sessions take place regularly in school term time. Holiday sessions are offered, with priority given to Year 11s and A level students. 


Standby students are those that do not have regular weekly sessions but take slots that regular students cannot make for whatever reason. There is no guarantee of sessions each term, but I will try to see each child once a half term. Standby students will be the first students to be offered weekly sessions when they become available.


I’m happy to communicate through phone, text, email, WhatsApp, or Facebook. I also have a Facebook page – Beth’s Maths’ Tutoring – where I post relevant information for parents and students.

The above Terms and Conditions are correct as of August 2020 and are subject to change. Any change will be communicated at least one month in advance. 


Privacy of my students and their parents' data is very important to me.  I only ever use your data for the reasons intended when you give it to me.

For new students, I will collect your name, telephone number, email address and address as I require this information to offer tutoring services.  All data collected about students is stored on a password-protected computer.

​I will keep any information stored in my records for 3 years since your last contact date. Should you wish to have your data removed earlier than this then please contact me in writing and I will remove all data held about you from my records. 


Students must be properly dressed for all sessions whether face to face or online. No recordings or screenshots should be taken without consent.

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